14/04/2012 13:29
You can virtually travel to the Attérwid now.
08/04/2012 14:01
You can wander to Skátrávíd and to the plains now! Read in the Chapter Éllad - beyond the border.
05/04/2012 12:52
The chapter about interesting location in the Dankrad mountain is completed. Enjoy it!
01/04/2012 00:25
Now you can travel in two other parts of Éllad.
30/03/2012 23:12
The onliest interesting location in inland is descripted and you can find information about the Grove of unborn children in the South Éllad as well. 
28/03/2012 20:21
Interesting location in the North Éllad are descripted.
23/03/2012 16:47
More élladian Gods are added!
22/03/2012 19:27
In the chapter Mytology you find information about two of eleven élladian Gods.
22/03/2012 14:15
New chapter in the main menu was created - you can read lot of information about prepared comics based on Wetemaa. And you can see some pictures as well!  
16/03/2012 14:08
Are you curious what is BEYOND the border of Éllad?    
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