Getenek is the second most powerful God in Éllad. He rules underworld and deads, death and winter and night. He is twin-brother of Orlyg, both of them were created from eyes of the first God Sinadr. Originally they were exactly the same - like two eyes in one head. But both of them fell in love with their sister Fréár and decided to fight for her, becouse she couldn´t to chooose. There was no difference between them. The price for a winner would be Fréár and who would be defeated would turn black. Thus the difference between brothers would arise. They fought for eleven days and eleven nights. Finnaly, Getenek was defeated becouse in crucial moment of the battel an eagel, Orlyg´s ally, covered Getenek´s eyes by his wing. Orlyg let his wounded brother to lie on the battle-field and took Fréár to the mountain Rá, where she became his wife. Then Fréár made Orlyg drunk and returned to Getenek. She hid him from Orlyg to the underworld, she treated his wounds and whitened his body by her own tears. Only his hair, beard, eyes and eyebrows let she black. Then Fréár returned to Rá, but let a she-bear in underworld to heat Getenek. That is why the bear became the sacred symbol of Getenek and Getenek also appears as a beard with fawn hairs. Getenek was recovering for very long time lying lonely n in the dark underworld and his heart ached becouse he lost his brother and his loved sister. That is why sad thought jumped out of his head. They became invisible beings and through the crannies in the rocks they found their way on the surface. Thus the despire, the pain, the revengefulness, the hopelessness, the hate, the hostility, teh sadness, the grief, the anger and the suffering. At the moment when Getenek felt the worst the Death was born. Fortunately, Getenek realized it immediately, bounded Death by powerfull spell and made it his oboedient servant. The Death could overcome even the Gods if it would be allowed by Getenek. That is why Orlyg never more dared to use a trick in fights with Getenek and that is why there was no winner in folowing fights between the brothers. Later Getenek fell in love with Samalbrína, the doughter of Orlyg and Fréár. Orlyg refused her to marry Getenek, but Getenek gained her by a trick. There are two children of Getenek and Samalbrína: Gani, the Goddess of the angry, and Arrang, the God of the natural calamities.