The most powerful God in the Land of Éllad. He rules over the rest of the Gods - with only exception, Getenek. Orlyg is God of harvest, war, fight, hunting, power and glory and he protects brave warriors and fighters. Orlyg, Getenek and Fréár are the first-born Gods, children of the first God Sinadr. Orlyg and Getenek were created from Sinadr´s eyes and thus there was no difference between them.  That is why Fréár was not able to choose one of them when both brothers fell in love with her. They decided to fight for her but their powers was equal. They fought for eleven days and eleven nights without any result. Then flew around Orlyg a white eagle and Orlyg asked him for help. Orlyg promised that the eagle become his sacred animal in return. The eagle agreed and in crucial moment he covered Getenek´s eyes by his wing and thus Orlyg could to strike a blow to his brother. According to agreement Getenek turned in black so the brothers became different. The eagle became Orlyg´s sacred animal and Orlyg himself appear svery often  as a big white eagle. There are six Orlyg´s children which bore Fréár: Varandur, Viur, Tagira, Rilana and twin-sister Samalbrína and Lirg. But Orlyg begot lot of children with mortal women too. The best known are Wanne and Sanduk.