Samalbrína is the daughter of Orlyg and Fréár, the twin-sister of Lirg. She appears as an evening star on the sky. She is the Goddes of autumn, twilight and wealth of the underworld - metals and gemstones. Her uncle Getenek fell in love with her and despite opposition of Orlyg he married her and begot two children with her  - Gani and Arrang. Fréár forced Getenek to let Samalbrína stay six month per year in the upperworld. That is why four season take their turns. Samalbrína leaves the underworld in the day of the autumnal equinox. At this moment summer ends and autumn begins. When he returns to her husband six month later the nature awakes. The autumnal equinox is Samalbrína´s feast. The people try to  dispose her favorably by a dignified welcome and they hope that thus the winter will be not so severe. They also try to keep in good mood the souls of dead which follows Samalbrína to the upperworld.

Samalbrína has two bad habits. First: everytime she leaves the underworld at autumnal equinox she forgets to make a sign which prohibits the souls of dead to go to the upperworld. At the time of sunrise, from the moment when the solar disc appears above the horizont to the moment when its bottom part detaches from the horizont, the souls can to visit the world of the living.  Second: everytime she returns to her husband at vernal equinox at the moment when the sun appears above the horizont,  she slams the gate. It takes some times to open it again, becouse the gate si very heavy, but it is opened before the bottom part of the sun detaches from the horizont. If somebody dies at the time when the gate to the underworld is closed, his or her soul can´t to reach the Getenek´s Kingdom and this person become a Reborn. The soul of the Reborn goes to the Grove of Unborn Children near to the Wood where it waits for its new birth. The Reborn have to die eleven time before he or she is allowed to cross the lake Máví and to enter the underworld. This rule is not applied to the souls of suicides. They are allowed to wait in the front of the underworld gate. Nobody can become the Reborn on his own.