The Grove of unborn children in the south-west part of the Land of Éllad is the place where the souls of the still-born children comes in. The still-born children didn´t take a breath so the soul didn´t enter their body and thus it couldn´t die. That is why the souls of the still-born children are not allowed to enter Getenek´s realm and they have to find the refuge in The Grove. Here the souls expext the occasion to be born again at the moment when twins, triplets or quadruplets are born somewhere in Éllad. Neither the Gods can look into a pregnant womb, thus always only one soul is waiting at childbirth to be breathed in. If more than one baby is born it significates that one (or more) of the unhappy souls of unborn children is liberated and that is why the multiple birth are appropriately celebrated. The souls of the Reborns returns to The Grove each time they die and wait here until they are born again.