If somebody wants to get a flying horse, there are two possibilities how to acquire it: either to work for her for three year or to give her twelve slaves. The first possibility is chosen hardly by anybody. The only person who is certainly known to do it is Wanne - but not even he worked there for all three years. He decided to esape from the mines together with his best friend Karu, who had came here as a means of payment for the flying horse, and for Karu there was no other way to the liberty than a flight.  As a payment for the flying horses lady Haduwig accepts mostly men and she forces them to work in the mines quite far way north off her residence. Nobody knows what exactly is mined in the mines becouse the men are digging only corridors. But the rumour goes that nothing is mined here and that the slaves are working only to work. The mines are protected by a spell so it is impossible to escape. The only who managed to pass through the spell was Wanne thanks to his half-divine origin. Appart of him (and Karu, whom he helped do escape), only cripples who cannot work anymore can to leave the mines.