There are high rock on the east coast and the Wise Rooks have their Nests here. The Wise Rooks are not more intelligent than humans, but the big part of them is gifted in premonition, intuition or stronger perception than humans or other animals. They communicate by croaking, but they know to speak as well.  Usualy they stay near to their Nests, but they are curious and that is why they sometimes fly far from home - as Caradac, friend of Sian the Brown-eyed. There is Getenek´s shield laying on the top of the mountain very close to the Nests. The shield was broken during one of the battles between Getenek and Orlyg and not even Varandur was able to repair it. Getenek decided not to use the shield anymore and put it off right here. The time passes slower on the shield than anywhere else and it could be the reason why the Wise Rooks live to a great age (in case of their kings up to several hundred years).