The Palace stands on the clouds  somewhere above the plains or the sea. Its location prevents everybody who doesn´t know to flight from entering. The main entrance to The Palace is the Gold gate leading to the courtyard anough spacy for dozens adult dragons to rest here. However, the border of The Palace is the White gate straddled between two clouds far away from the Gold gate. After passing the White gate are the dragons under the first-hand protection of The Lord of the dragons and therefore are they safe here. That is why they very often rest behind the White gate and don´t fly all the way to The Palace. The Palace is suspected to be uncredible large, but its internal layout isn´t known. The only inhabitans of The Palace are The Lords of the dragons with their family and their servants - relative anthropomorphic lizards. Thanks to the expedition of Morcant the Giant and his son Harald to The Palace in the time of the Merrdin´s rule we know that there is a maze with shaddow fighters in one part of The Palace.