The Rocks are one of the almost unexplorated regions in the Land of Éllad, becouse - apart from Dankrad - it is very easy to lose life here. The Rock themselves are inhospitable. There is no vegetation, impassable peaks alternate with areas of glowing sand, the water sources are rare and often there is  no water, but fluid similar to acid in riverbeds. Moreover, it teems with hostile creatures. There live werewolves in the rock Labyrint, the relatively best passable part of the Rock. The Labyrint begins behind the Red Gate through which the Fire river flows. These werewolves are not the lycanthrops from our world. They don´t change their appearence and resemble hybrid of men and wolf. Although the werewolves realy love  human blood, they can to live without it. In other part of the Rocks the Bodies protecting Valabriga´s egg were hidden  until Halldor´s expedition of Reborns finished their existence. In spite of all these things there is one relatively safe way through the Rocks. The entrance to this way is at almost forgotten White Gate at foothill of Dankrad. Although it teems with different imps, they are mostly good-natured. Who knows this way could quite easily reach a lake beneath the castle Loren. But becouse of very bad reputation of the Rock the way through the White Gate is fogotten at all. It is supposed that they are two gates more - the Black one on the north in Skátrávíd and the Blue one on the seaside. But there are no reliable information of these gates. Nobody knows when and how the castle Loren in the oasis around the freshwater lake was built. And there are no mention in Ceredig´s chronicle why Widuwalt´s sister Lady Itis settled here neither how the castle  in the heart of the Rocks was supplied . The only explanation is that Lady Itis disposed of some spells - but it is not the explanation of the origin of the castle.