The Wood of the forest men forms the south border of the Land of Éllad. Unlike the most of the élladian forests this one is not mixed and there are no conifers, only leafy trees, mostly oaks and beeches. Several élladian rivers rise here, but no one flows southwards. There is karst area in the middle of the Wood with large complex of different shaped caves and corridors both full of stalactites. The forest men call this caves The House and althoug they prefere to live enywhere in the Wood during the summer, they gather here in the late autumn and spend the winter in the caves. Thee are almost no other supernatural beings in the Wood except forest men and women and couple of good-natured imps. The forest men wouldn´t suffer any negative energy here. The forest men are highly respected by people. Nobody would dare to cut trees or to hunt here without their permission, but the forest men never mind if somebody comes for mushrooms, berries or brushwood. If somebody feels respect and love to the Wood as they do, (s)he is allowed  to live there, as e.g. Randwulf the Wolf Snout, later king´s Gudleifr follower.